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Reflexology Milton Keynes

Spiritual Harmony Reflexology

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Spiritual Harmony Reflexology in Milton Keynes

Some people prefer a more spiritually based Reflexology session so this option gives the best of both. It combines the balance, relaxation and peace that is a result of a regular Reflexology session, with a heightened spiritual experience.

Crystals and Reiki are added into the session. The crystals will be chosen for the client, based on their mental, physical, emotional or spiritual needs. They will be placed on the body's chakras and may also be placed around or under the reflexology chair or given specific crystals to the client to hold. Singing bowls or chimes may also be added to the session.

This treatment is approximately 1 hour 20min long and takes place from our Holistic Centre in Linford Wood. There is parking, disabled access and toilets.